Installing Maizzle PHP


Maizzle PHP needs a few tools installed on your machine:


Jigsaw requires PHP 7 and Composer.

Macs come with PHP already installed, so make sure the version is at least 7. If you're on Windows, read this.

For Composer, please see the guides for Linux/Unix/OSX or Windows. We suggest installing it globally, so that its executable gets added to your $PATH.

Node.js and NPM

For Laravel Mix to work (Tailwind, CSS inlining, BrowserSync, etc.), you need to have Node.js and NPM installed on your system.

Git (optional)

If you're cloning the repo, you'll also need Git installed.


Maizzle PHP is a project that you clone or download from GitHub:

git clone my-project

Next, cd into your project directory and install the dependencies:

cd my-project

Install PHP dependencies:

composer install

Install JS dependencies:

npm install


If you get an error about composer not being recognized as a command, make sure ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in your $PATH.